Features & Functionality

For Workflow Efficiency

Hazard Awareness Portal

A new way to deliver hazard awareness that’s MSHA and OSHA compliant.

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Improve Training Effectiveness

Increase learner engagement and participation through video training.

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Deliver Consistent Training

Provide a learning experience that’s consistent for every visitor.

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Train Multiple Visitors

Easily educate more than one visitor at a time.

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Promote Safety Expectations

Set the standard for site-specific safety behavior.

Video Learning

Video learning is more immersive, and more memorable than a simple checklist, and therefore leads to better comprehension of regulatory requirements.

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Maximize Retention

Enhance retention of essential hazard awareness information at your site.

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Increase Engagement

Increase learner engagement and participation.

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Expedited Training Process

Speed up the hazard awareness process and save time.

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User-Friendly Interface

Offer an exceptional experience for all visitors who enter your site.

Here at Tervuren, we take great pride in the content and quality of the videos we produce as part of the Tervuren experience. Regardless of whether you select our standard video option that is available to all subscribers at no cost, or if you select to have a custom video produced specifically for your location, users will more easily lock into the training content and will better retain the information when it is presented in video form.

Standard Video Option:
If your location demands only the basics when it comes to video training, we’ve got you covered. Our standard video is shot in high definition and edited by our own professional video production staff – all who have spent hundreds of hours working in mines around the world. At approximately six minutes in length the video is concise and covers all Part 46/48 MSHA training requirements. It comes at no cost with your Tervuren subscription.

Custom Video Option:
For Tervuren subscribers who would like to include their staff, branding, locations and specific needs into their Site Specific Training Video, Tervuren offers our Custom Option. Our video crew will travel to your location(s) and film all of the MSHA Part 46/48 requirements using your location as the background, and your crew as the on-camera examples of proper safety etiquette. But in addition to the “required” aspects of the training, you will also be able to add scenarios unique to your location. Do you need more attention to the safety requirements of the dredge you are operating? No problem, we can give it the attention it deserves. We will work with you to write a script specific to your needs.

Most shoots require 1-2 days of time. Cost varies depending on number of locations, and shooting and editing time required. Let us give you a quote!

Quick Check-In

Tervuren makes it easy to welcome visitors onto your site.

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Speed Up Entry to Your Site

Use a QR code to allow entry and exit at your site. 

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Identify Need for Training

Verify visitors’ need for safety training upon entry.

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Track Visitors with Ease

Collect and store data for all visitors in one place.

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Confirm Who’s Onsite

View recent records to verify who’s currently onsite.

Admin Dashboard

Store, manage, and organize records for a smooth operation.

Record keeping at your fingertips.

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Store Records Securely

Keep visitor records safe using secure, US-based data storage.

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Access Data Anytime

Quickly retrieve and export data during an audit. 

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Import Current and Historical Records

Maintain all past and current records in one secure location.

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Backup Your Data

Trust Tervuren with your records, knowing your data is protected.